Home Theatre Installations

LoveMy Home Theatre is a specialist home theatre installer, we do nothing but home theatre installations.

Far too often we see customers sold home theatre packages without professional advice and with little to no research on the products or their requirements. We know when people received advice and researched their home theatre needs they always achieved a better result.

The best results were invariably achieved and the happiest users were where a customer had a professional home theatre installation.

Key take outs from the research were:

1: - To consider the components you need – Plasma, LCD or projector, amplification and speakers and playback systems. The amplification and speaker systems are important and will usually outlive other components so choose the best you can afford.
2: - The location of the installation goes in your house. A dedicated home theatre room will always achieve the best results and be less intrusive on other members of the household.
3: - If you are building or extending take your future entertainment requirements into account as wiring etc is always much cheaper at that time.
4: - Set a budget and your requirements and discuss your needs with reputable home theatre installers. Always speak to previous customers before committing to a home theatre installer.
5: - If your budget is limited ensure that the home theatre installation is scalable to meet your future requirements.