Acoustic Treatments

Do you want FANTASTIC Sound within your home theater ROOM... Read on?.

Hi i'm Ken, owner of LoveMy TV. For far to long we have seen people spend good money only to discover their system was not installed and calibrated by a professional. At LoveMY TV, we are certified in everything Acoustic, from the design through to the final products. We guarantee you will love what SOUND comes out your wall and ceiling. We also delve into more complex audio problems, such as the way room acoustics are impacted by furniture, walls and windows, and how to compensate for small speakers when limited by the laws of physics.

For your re assurance we are certified Audyssey Calibrators and Primacoustic dealer that can help you, advise your architects and / or interior designers on planning sound rooms with the acoustics in mind. 

The Video below typifies how sound effect you. Also I have added a link here on how poor sound planning and how proper acoustic planning can enhance wellbeing. It is not outrageously expensive and can help any size or shape of room as the link to Primacoustic shows.