ISF Colour Calibration

Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) Colour Calibration from LoveMyTV.

Why Colour Calibration?

When you outlay a few thousand dollars on your new flat panel TV, you would expect its colour to be perfect out of the box, right??? Unfortunatly, this is not so in most cases. Television manufacturers set their products so that if it is put on display at a retail outlet it will be brighter and more eye catching than the competitors product (who has done the same thing).

This setting, while good to try and get your attention to buy their TV, is not the best for when you get your new TV home and want to enjoy your programs. Manufacturers also can not adjust for your home viewing environment or the components you wish to connect. Of course not many manufacturers tell you this. So to get the best from your new TV (or even an older one) get a calibration done by a trained ISF Calibrator. Skin tones will be true, grass and foliage will look natural and you will have a viewing experience that is much more pleasurable.

When the director makes a movie or TV show, they make it based on industry wide colour standards. The only way you will see what the director wants to convey is on a calibrated screen referencing these colours. As an added bonus, a calibrated display will last longer, giving you better value for your purchase. A calibration should be undertaken about 5 weeks after you start using your new TV, to let it settle in a bit. Then an annual tweak to compensate for the aging screen will keep it true.

Why ISF Colour Calibration? The Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) is dedicated to improving the quality of your television image. Only after undergoing rigourous practical training, passing a comprehensive exam and by investing in quality calibration tools; can a calibrator offer true ISF Calibration services.

Ongoing updates and industry consultation ensures that the ISF is able to drive continual improvement by manufacturers in the inclusion of calibration settings for quality products. LoveMy TV has been an ISF Calibrator for over 3 years, offering services in New South Wales and affiliate referals for other states, like Home Theatre Engineering in Western Australia and Avical in Victoria.