E-recycling of your TV

Environmentally responsible disposal of your old CRT TV can be arranged by LoveMy TV, in conjunction with SIMS Recycling Solutions. Computer monitors (VDUs – Visual Display Units) and televisions contain hazardous substances, mainly within the Cathode Ray Tube (CRT), such as lead that need safe and responsible handling.

Units are dismantled carefully in regional Sims Recycling Solutions centres, with component metal and plastic parts recovered for recycling. Many electrical and electronic recyclers only recover the lead content within CRTs, with the glass components going to waste. Sims Recycling Solutions not only recovers glass from CRTs but has a unique solution that delivers an environmental outcome in excess of 99% recovery of the total glass weight. The vast majority of this recovery is used to create high specification glass for the manufacture of new Cathode Ray Tubes.

Sims Recycling Solutions dismantles a wide range of electrical and electronic products, ensuring all sensitive data is shredded to protect customer assets. Hazardous substances are recovered and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Commodities such as metals, plastics and glass are then processed for recycling.

CRT recycling – TVs and Monitors

Sims Recycling Solutions shows how cathode ray tubes from computer monitors and televisions are recycled to recover leaded and unleaded cullet glass for use in the manufacturing of new monitors and TV's.