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LoveMy TV was born out of passion. Not simply a passion for TV, but a passion for the ultimate entertainment experience.

The challenge for most people is getting value for money, a system that delivers that value and making it all work.

We love our TV. It embraces the exciting trend of large screen TV’s integrated with sound systems and games consoles. Our TV is the entertainment hub of our home, it works, it looks great and it suits our budget. Our friends love our TV too! and over many years we have helped many families maximise their return for their budget. We have helped install, upgrade and maintain so many TV’s, that the writing on the wall (or screen) became obvious…the rest of the world wants to love their TV’s too.

A LoveMy TV home entertainment centre.

And so LoveMy TV has grown beyond family and friends to become an unbiased advice and technical support service to TV lovers in the Sydney and Wollongong region.

Headquarterd in the Sutherland Shire, we cover all of Sydney and Wollongong. And knowing there is nothing more frustrating than trying to get time off to meet a tradesman, after hours and weekends are easily arranged.

You love it, you want it, you need it! but the technology terrifies you and you’re not sure which bit plugs into what, or indeed whether you really need that bit at all?…

From coming over to set the clock on the PVR for you, through to helping you purchase and install a “Home Theatre” system. Nothing is to small. That is our speciality. And if you don’t know what a PVR is, then definately give us a call.

Once set up, the creation of simplified and personal prompt cards for you, will help with the ongoing enjoyment of your system. We are only a phone call away for follow up support. So it is not a case of thanks and bye. Friends wouldn’t do that to you and neither will we.

Give us a call or send a note and see how LoveMy TV can help you.

LoveMy TV